Summertime is the time for family vacations. Planning often starts in the winter when we’ve had the last we can stand of the cold and dreary weather or right after a big project at work is complete. Nothing puts an exclamation point at the end of a job well done like a vacation.

How do you like your homecoming?

Now, all of that being said, there is usually one person in the family unit that is the voice of reason in thinking ahead. This person remembers the fatigue of the return home and what coming home will feel like. Will it be a happy homecoming to a life of normalcy again? Or a dreadful homecoming of chaos and disarray? If you prefer the happy homecoming, you are with the majority. Congratulations! If you are the one who forgets this detail and gives the spouse rushing around to tidy things up prior to departure a funny look, give them a hug of appreciation today. Tell them that despite the eye rolls at the eleventh11th hour, you really do appreciate the feeling when you get home.

What must be done?

Before embarking on a huge household undertaking, just a few key areas will put your mind at ease without taking the entire day. Mom calls this method “A lick and a promise.”


As you get ready to pack your bags, you probably have some laundry to do anyways. Go ahead and throw in another load or two so your work week wardrobe is all ready for your return, as well. That way when you return home, your vacation clothes can wait until later.


Just in the name of bugs and sanitation, clean the dishes and wipe the counters before you leave. The last thing you want is to return home with new winged tenants to deal with. Just in the name of time, let’s leave putting them away from the dish drainer to be optional. That being said, a tidy kitchen is a wonderful thing to come home to, so we still recommend putting them away if there is time.


A fresh vacuum is a nice welcome, and those lovely vacuum tracks will stay while you are away. Give the hard floors a sweep or vacuum too. Unless there are actual spills on the floors, you can skip the mopping until your next maid service.


No major scrubbing is necessary, but a quick wipe-down will be appreciated upon your return.

Don’t bother

These tasks won’t be appreciated nearly as much upon your return, so don’t stress over these. You have packing to do!


If you dust before you leave, new dust will just settle down while you are away.


Unless there is a spill or something sticky, this can be skipped.


Save the heavy scrubbing for your Maid to Glow professionals. If you subscribe to our regular visits, they are already keeping your home grime-free.


This only needs to be done once per season, and vacation is no time to stress over windows!

Time to go – you’ve earned it

Once those few tasks are complete, you are ready to enjoy your vacation free of any worries left behind. Have a fantastic time!

Maid service rocks!

Relax…we got this!

If you are reading this blog, you are either already enjoying Maid to Glow’s maid service, or it is heavy on your mind. When you have Maid to Glow making regular visits to keep your home clean so you’re only left with the daily touch-ups, you can focus your attention on the important things in life.