One of my favorite benefits of having a maid service is the lack of chemicals I have to keep in the home. That being said, incidents don’t always happen the day before the scheduled visits, so some dual-purpose items always make a winning combination.

Well, it also happens to be excellent at removing stuck-on things around the house as well as it prevents them in cooking. Let’s explore some of the wonders of this product. You may find yourself so impressed that if it’s not already in your pantry, you might very well change your mind about that and add it to your shopping list.

Soap scum

Sometimes you scrub and scrub and that stuff is back the minute your sink dries. Break down the soap scum in your tub or shower by spraying it with cooking spray and let it sit for five minutes to break down the residue. Once that occurs, some simple dish soap (I prefer regular blew Dawn brand) and a little scrub will break it free. Rinse with water and you’re done.

Shower door

It’s so disappointing that only two days after your maid service comes and makes your bathroom sparkling and perfect that someone has to use the shower and mess it all up again. If you have hard water, I swear this happens just by looking at the shower door. Just spray on the doors and again let it sit a few minutes, then clean as usual. This shouldn’t take any scrubbing like soap scum (unless it is soap scum and not just watermarks).


They look nice and shiny right after cleaning…for about a minute, so let’s get preventative. Spray oil makes an incredible shine on your faucets. Simply spray a teeny-tiny amount (a little is all it takes).  Buff with a microfiber cloth and WOW!

Bugs on cars

With the Spring season also comes bug season here in the South and if you don’t care for bug splatter as a fashion accessory (I’ve been trying for years to get this idea to take off). Put away the jackhammer, because the cooking spray is a way to remove these cemented creatures off of your car without taking the paint with them. Just spray the oil to the stubbornly stuck bugs and wait a few minutes, then remove them with a clean cloth.


If you’ve got greasy or paint-covered hands, cooking spray can help clean it off. Yes, I said this right, use oil to remove greasy stuff. Trust me on this and just give it a try. Spray your hand with the cooking spray and rub them together. You will notice that the grease and/or paint will stop to break away and come free. Once it’s all loosened, wipe your hands to get the worst of it off (and keep it out of your drain). Follow up with some of my favorite blue Dawn to wash the oil off of your hands.

Frosty freezers

If you’re into vintage appliances and your beloved retro fridge is the kind that gets frosty, spray some cooking spray on the walls after a defrosting and then wipe it off. The subtle residue will make the walls more resistant to frost sticking to them, allowing for longer time between defrosts.

So there you have it – other many uses for a product you already have in the house to use between your maid visits.

Maid to Glow at your service

If you find that you’re doing more and more between visits, perhaps it’s time to increase your frequency (or start a regular visit schedule if you haven’t tried this service). Don’t forget that the discounts get bigger as the visits are more frequent.