For many families, Mom is the unsung hero in our lives. She’s always there for us, always ready and available for our needs, and more than that – she’s always cleaning up after us. At least she did once upon a time.

Remembering Mom

Remember being a kid on Mother’s day? We tried to make Mom feel special in some way, perhaps all day, for that matter. Maybe she got some flowers picked out of the garden and we took on some of the tasks that she did every day, such as doing dishes or vacuuming. She could relax a little and we learned to appreciate the things she did to make our lives better. Now that we’re adults and parents ourselves, we start to really KNOW all that she did every day that we didn’t even think of as a child. After all, she always did so much for us, right?

Moms today

That was the mom of yesterday, but what about today’s mom? Today’s mom hasn’t changed that much. Perhaps her chores are a little different or she’s working full-time, all the while still trying to create the life for her family that her mom created for her. She’s trying to do all of that and more.

If you’re the mom today, this is you, trying to do it all. Boy did Mom make it look easy! You know better and are looking forward to this day yourself. What will you be looking forward to? Will they make you breakfast in bed or will Dad be taking the kids to McDonald’s for pancakes and to play so you can sleep in late and have a serene morning? Either would be so delightful! Maybe, just maybe, you and your own Mom can take off together, do something indulgent at your own whims and enjoy the day. When you return home for the family celebration everyone is there, dinner is ready and you and your mother are both doted on.

You are a grown-up now.

Now that you’re an adult with your own life and your own place, have you thought about what you will do to make Mom feel special? That day is coming up sooner than you think. We have a great idea of what is about to knock her socks off. Imagine her delight at the thought of having the whole house cleaned top to bottom, with your compliments. We at Maid to Glow are at your service to make this come true.

Perhaps she has yet to do the big Spring deep cleaning.  We can help with that! Our deep cleaning service will do many of those things that don’t necessarily make the weekly cleaning list.

How about a few visits of regular cleaning. We have multi-visit discounts when it comes to monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly cleaning. Get her on a schedule and we’ll add another $10 discount for as long as the schedule continues. You can get Mom started and once delighted, she can continue and enjoy the ongoing discount.

Even a single regular visit will make her day. Trust us to make the Mom in your life feel special and appreciated for everything she does.