It’s not just for sandwiches anymore.

If you subscribe to our emails, you have already seen the tip about wiping your stainless appliances with mayonnaise to replce fingerprints with a shiny surface again. I have even more uses to share!

One of the wonderful things about having a service like Maid to Glow is that you don’t need to keep so many cleaning products for every task in the house. Am I right???

That being said, incidents don’t always happen just before your scheduled cleaning, and you want it cleaned RIGHT NOW. For this reason, we’ve started sharing some tips to clean and avoid most harsh chemicals or reveal multiple uses for common household items, like mayonnaise. I swear you’ll never look at that jar of white goo the same way.

Shine up your houseplants (real and fake)

Shine up the leaves of your houseplants when they start to look dusty. Just wipe the leaves with some mayonnaise and a soft cloth to bring a beautiful luster. The oil in the mayo also helps to repel the dust from settling so fast the next time.

Treating cracked wood furniture

Fill small cracks in your wood furniture with mayonnaise, then smooth over the top and remove the extra mayo.
Leave the mayonnaise as you placed it for a few days, and it will release oils and proteins that will make the wood swell up and shrink the crack, making it almost invisible!

Brighten old piano keys

If your piano keys are looking a little dull and less white from repeated use, mayonnaise can help you return them to looking their ivory best. Apply a tiny bit of mayonnaise on a damp cloth and rub each piano key. As you rub, you will start to see the yellow residue buff away.

Crayons – the horror!

Fear not the crayon – I promise…you got this!

If that Picasso in training leaves you a masterpiece on the wall, apply mayo liberally and let it sit a few minutes. Wipe down with a wet cloth to remove oily residue and blot with a dry towel.
(note: do not use on flat paint – it leaves oil marks)

If Junior decided to try his talents on your wooden floor, the same method applies. Just dab the crayon marks with mayo, let it sit, then wipe away.

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