Have you been wanting to hire a maid service, but haven’t quite gotten around to picking one? If you’ve been hesitating, here are three things to look for to jumpstart your search for a professional, friendly and thorough house cleaning service

1. Customer Service

Let’s face it, good customer service should be a given. However, since residential cleaners are up close and personal in your home, you need more than good customer service; you need the best.

At Maid to Glow, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with your cleaning.

  • We leave a detailed customer report for all new clients. Most of our clients are busy professionals who need to be out and about when their cleaner is working on their home. And that’s totally fine! To ensure that you’re comfortable with what we’ve done, we let you know what we did and who was there.
  • We have a free redo policy. If you feel that there’s been an issue with our cleaning services, we’ll send a crew back out as soon as possible to redo anything we missed. Or, we can refund you a percent of the cost if you don’t want a redo.
  • We leave gifts to our most loyal clients! Every so often we just like to show our appreciation to our repeat customers. We know there are a lot of local cleaning services out there, and we’re thankful you choose us!

2. Good Communication

There are a lot of things in life that require a lot of effort, but communicating with your maid service shouldn’t be one of them. Good communication is easy communication. For us, this means quick, 60 second bookings that can be done online. We’re also personal. All of our team members actively use their phones or emails to communicate with customers and our founder, Mony Gueorguiev, is easily available to all clients.

3. Potential for a Long Term Relationship

The first two points are both necessary for establishing a long term relationship, which is what you should ultimately be looking for with a cleaning company. When you find a service you like, sticking with them can help make your experience better and more seamless with each interaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before booking if you want more information before your first cleaning appointment! When it comes down to it, you should pick a cleaning service that makes you feel comfortable. Finally, make sure whoever you hire is safe. This means that they’re insured and that all cleaners undergo stringent background checks. If you follow these three guidelines, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a clean home, less stress and a lasting partnership with your cleaning service!