A hot topic after all of these years

Have you noticed how long this topic has been a hot one? It’s been decades, and people are still bantering on this topic, and why not your friends at Maid to Glow?

There is and always will be only one you

As your work life and your home life both continue to grow, take a moment to remind yourself that there is only one you despite the demands continuing to grow. Before you commit to anything new, ask yourself if there is enough of you to go around without losing yourself in it all.

Set boundaries at work

This advice goes to work and at home. At work, define specific expectations around your availability. Try to agree mutually with your boss on times that you will not (unless there’s fire or blood) interact about work outside of the office. Address it as a means of respect for maintaining your separate personal time.

Set boundaries with extracurricular commitments

At home, as your children grow older, demands of school and after-school activities also start to grow. Know that it is okay to decline requests to jump in. If there are several children in the group, that means there is just as many if not double the count of parents. If everyone commits to an equal number of tasks throughout the season, nobody should feel overwhelmed. Suggest to the leader to express that expectation of each parent’s participation to create balanced effort.

Set new goals of work-life satisfaction

Balance is a never-ending challenge, so take a step back and consider your satisfaction through it all. Are you in a job that you feel valued? Do you get personal satisfaction at work and home? Your life satisfaction makes a tremendous impact on the work-life balance that you feel. When you feel joy and purpose, things no longer feel like “work” at home or the job.

Promote family activities

Do you find yourself on the sidelines watching as you try to expose your children to so many different experiences? Whether it’s sports, art, ballet, or music, instead of commuting and watching, try a different approach of trying new things together. With the help of Google and YouTube, you can learn almost anything, step-by-step, from novice to expert level. You will enjoy direct interaction with each other while you both explore fulfilling new experiences with each other.

Find joy and purpose at work

Once you feel purpose in what you do, the day flies by before you even feel winded. If you’re not “feeling it,” ask. Ask for understanding in the importance of your work, or if you feel stagnant, look to opportunities in the company or ask your management for stretch projects to extend outside of your comfort zone and build new experiences.  

We’ve been scheming all year – just for you

If you’ve been following our other blogs, you may notice a trend with ways to make your life easier when it comes to a clean home. Of course, nothing’s easier than having our cleaning professionals arrive and work their magic, but they’re not present every day, and you can count on the fact that messes happen without warning every day, and that number multiplies as your family grows. We have provided fixes to many of life’s messes without needing a massive arsenal of chemicals in your home because we believe in a simple approach whenever possible. When it gets big, though, remember you can schedule a visit in less than two minutes!