A bustling city filled with residential and commercial properties, Atlanta is densely populated with over 6 million inhabitants. An urban metropolitan area with scores of students and working professionals, with a 2.3% annual increase in jobs, the demand for cleaning services is on the rise. Listed below are some of the cleaning services specific to Atlanta, for working professionals and commercial spaces to hire at any instant.

Top Maid Cleaning Services in Atlanta:

  1. Maid to Glow 
  2. Two Maids and A Mop
  3. Maid Brigade
  4. Molly Maid
  5. The Moxie Maid
  6. Atlanta Green Maids

Maid To Glow

Encompassing all the desirable features one would expect in cleaning services, Maid To Glow – as their motto suggests, allows you to book and relax, while they handle the rest completely. The easiest booking procedure takes just a few minutes. Flaunting a detailed 40 point checklist that rigorously ensures all aspects of cleaning as per specific areas, they leave no margin for error.

The features available in Maid To Glow surpass several other cleaning organisations in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their cancellation policies are quite user friendly, with rescheduling windows at 24 hours instead of the usual 48 hours. With two hour time windows per cleaning, Maid to Glow allows premium cleaning at the best prices. Offering 24/7 support, a feature specific to Maid To Glow, they’re available to communicate with customers at any point of the day. With several add ons that allow for specific services, the organisation also uses natural products to clean, and in particular try to restrict their brand usage to Seventh Generation products. Flaunting policies that are super client-friendly, with elaborate cleaning services and lightning quick booking Maid To Glow promises you an experience worth your time and money. The FAQ section on the website is also comprehensive and allows the client to resolve any queries in mind.

Customer reviews for this cleaning service are exceptional, with customers claiming to be pleasantly surprised and touting Maid To Glow an absolute lifesaver.

With periodic discounts, a free redo policy in the event of dissatisfaction and excellent customer service, Maid to Glow is undoubtedly the prime cleaning service at Atlanta.


Two Maids and A Mop

Two Maids and A Mop is a cleaning service that offers 6 different packages, with 3 packages tailored for one-time cleaning and 3 packages catering to customers who desire a recurring package. Most of their packages are customized based on the level of cleaning expected by the customer. This allows for flexibility, as per the requirements of each customer. Their mid-tier package – in both the one-time and recurring packages, include cleaning of vertical surfaces; with the recurring package offering additional services including making the beds, washing dishes and spot cleaning of vertical services.

A policy that this company uses to aid customer satisfaction is their “Pay for Performance” plan. This means that the price would be tailored according to the rating that the customers give upon completion of service. This ensures that the customer’s opinion is included as feedback, deciding the payment.Customer reviews on feedback forums pointed out customer dissatisfaction and lack of prompt replies from the team. The clients claim that hovering around the maids was necessary to ensure thorough cleaning.


Maid Brigade

Maid brigade is a company that works in residential and commercial cleaning. With disinfection solutions that are certified by Green Clean, they ensure that the products used for cleaning are safer for humans and pets whilst maintaining their effectiveness. They offer an additional disinfection service that claims to offer 360-degree hospital-grade disinfection of surfaces that are frequently touched. Their PUREcleaning solution approved by the FDA is certified green and remains their advantage from the rest but a caveat observable is that some specifics offered by other companies free of cost, remain an additional add-on in Maid Brigade. 

Their flexibility around packages catering to individual needs is limited. Their rescheduling policies remain complex, and their cancellation policy remains a little ambiguous for the clients. 

While clients are happy with the green cleaning done by the company, several customers have raised concerns regarding the steep pricing for incomplete cleaning. The holy time-service balance maintained by cleaning maids requires consistency, and professionals in the field need to work on their customer satisfaction to retain a loyal client base.


Molly Maid

Molly Maid has a proven process whereby they clean and sanitize the household, focusing on almost all commonly touched areas. The company also has a policy that allows unsatisfied customers to get in touch with them within 24 hours, to get any issues solved free of charge. This company provides a very extensive range of cleaning services that cater to most cases and offer green cleaning solutions in accordance with the norms set forth by the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). They also guarantee that the norms set forth by the CDC shall be adhered to by the hired professionals, providing a contract-free cleaning service which allows the customers to switch plans according to their needs. Molly Maid specifically operates only from 8 AM to 5 PM. Working professionals and individuals that prefer to be home during the cleaning service may find this undesirable.

Their cancellation/rescheduling window is at 72 hours, which is longer compared to the rest of the cleaning services in the area. Guaranteed removal of harmful bacteria using their cleaning products isn’t provided, however, they do offer flexibility in operation compared to the rest.

An unsettling concern remains the complaints raised by several customers over the rude behavior of the maid supervisors when queries or concerns were raised. The necessity to invite criticism and constructive feedback is mandatory, and we hope to see this practice in every company.


The Moxie Maids

The Moxie Maids is a company that deals in residential, office/commercial, post construction cleaning and disinfection services based in Atlanta. They offer 3 ranges of services and have a checklist for each feature in the services offered. A green cleaning alternative is available for those customers who aren’t comfortable with conventional chemical formulas used for cleaning. Their disinfectant fogging treatment ensures a contaminant-free home with no toxic residues left behind for customers. Their cleaning products are compliant with the norms of the EPA. They also allow recalling the same maids for the next cleaning upon preference.

It is noteworthy that some of their services are time limited. Add ons offered here are charged extra and require customers to pay, wherein some of these add ons are notably available for free in other cleaning services.

Concerns over disparities between the services promised in different packages and the services provided while on site have been raised, as per reviews on feedback forums. 

Atlanta Green Maids

Founded in 2012, Atlanta Green Maids is a cleaning service with the convenience of instant online booking. The complete prices are stated on the website, alongside the option of choosing your home size. The booking is done in 60 seconds, and is a hassle-free process. To the client’s benefit, several offers are also added depending on the frequency of the bookings made. The cleaners are subjected to extensive background checks and arrive with immaculate references. The supplies and equipment are provided by the organization, ensuring an optimal cleaning experience. The business is fully licensed, bonded and insured for the benefit of the stakeholders involved. The maids are fluent in English, thus eliminating any conversation barrier. The green cleaning products are used completely free of cost, as they make it a point to avoid harmful chemicals for physical health safety measures. 

Payment can be done using credit cards as well, alongside cash and cheques. Any queries and support is dealt with by their Support team. The organization also promises to redo the cleaning free of cost if any discrepancy is found and notified.

While Atlanta Green Maids have updated virtual estimates as a desirable feature, the miscommunication from the company’s end towards clients is a noteworthy concern. The scope for improving communication and customer satisfaction is adept from their end.

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