Washington looked like it was going to be frozen out of the first-round quarterback hunt, but the Carolina trade for Darnold changed everything.

I’m a ball hawk.
The guy can really play.
There’s no doubt that if there was a player who could do it, it would be Patrick.
We wanted to kill their running game.

I think the Falcons need all of the picks they can get their hands on, Jerry:

  • That remains to be seen, but listening to Quinn you certainly get the sense of what kind of offense he wants;
  • Smith will be implementing his wide-zone scheme in Atlanta in his first year as head coach where he will call plays on offense;
  • And for good reason;
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A wide receiver may get 10 catches and then two catches the next game.

Solid move and, I felt, a necessary one.
I think it is different, mainly because of the speed and the number of weapons – who you’re putting in man-to-man or if you’re doing a lot of blitz zones.
And that means some players will be identified differently, whether or not the basics of their job changes that much.
Are the risks worth the rewards?

I do hope Fournette and Brown return but, yes, there clearly is a chance that they could head to another team in free agency.
It’s really important that you – and everyone – reading those mock drafts keep one thing in mind: Each time I put it together, I’m looking at different scenarios for the Falcons, focusing specifically on what could unfold in the three picks ahead of Atlanta Custom Cheap Baseball Jerseys Both, again, were short or intermediate throws that ended up being thrown down the field because that’s what the coverage dictated.
It’s sliding all of the place when you hit the gas and it’s terrible in the corners.
That one appears to check the box every single year and I expect it will continue to do so.

There’s nothing about his game that isn’t better than most.
When you think about it, just two days ago they were out on a field where it was 120 degrees.
Gabbert hit Evans for a big 30-yard play in the next drive on Tampa Bay’s way inside Lions territory.