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Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Oh gosh, it’s crunch week at work, school just started, and the kids already talking about the extracurriculars. Who’s got time to do any serious cleaning? This is what Maid to Glow is here for, but today is not our day to spruce things up. Even if you can’t get that perfect clean right now, achieving the feeling or illusion of clean can be the key to helping you relax at the end of the day.

The quick cleaning arsenal

Since you’re only going for that feeling of clean, you need only a few things to make it happen.

Cleaning wipes – wipes are always perfect for a quick clean. Swipe them in the kitchen and through the bathroom. If you have babies in the house, a diaper wipe is great for shining faucets in a pinch, but it doesn’t have the same sanitizing qualities (but hey, you’re only feeling clean, so you get a pass).

Magic erasers – these are a must-have for every household. From scuffs around doorknobs, crayon masterpieces in the hallway, to ring around the bathtub, these little clouds of wonder rarely disappoint. If I ever can’t wipe something off with a rag or sponge, this is my next go-to tool.

Dusting wand – be it feather or one of those new-fangled light as nothing manufactured fibers, I don’t care what you call it, you need it. I know that the dust is going to fall somewhere, but you just can’t argue the instant gratification of a vigorous wand thingy dusting.

Vacuum – yes, I went there! Hard floors or carpet, removing debris from the floor is the beginning of serenity. Just as the fancy diagonal stripes on the lawn create a sense of superiority with your neighbors, matching diagonal stripes on your carpet carry that feeling indoors the same way. You can even get a robotic vacuum to do the work without your input and give it a name. My mother calls hers “Mr. Chow.” Please don’t ask me why. Some things in life have no answers.

The “no time for cleaning” strategy

We have two reasons for invoking the “feeling of clean” approach. Either company’s coming in less than an hour (oh snap!), or you just need a clean room to relax (oh yes!). One involves a little more effort than the other. Are you ready?

Just give me a place to relax

This one is the easiest because it’s usually the end of the day and the sun is going down. In that case, you turn down all of the lights except for the bare necessities, so all imperfections remain hidden from your view. You will focus your tidying attention to the room you will be relaxing in. Put all toys and devices in a basket and shove it behind the sofa and light a candle. Now maybe you are unlucky enough that your lights are too bright and you don’t have a lower watt bulb in the house (I buy low watt bulbs for this very reason). If that is your fate (my condolences), pull out the duster thingy and do a 3-minute swipe of the vacuum only in the center of the room.

One more tip from a dear friend of mine – fluff up the pillows to look like you’re always this organized.

Oh snap – company’s coming       

This is you storming through the house like a mad person, but you WILL get this done in 15 minutes.

Dusty thing first, go crazy with it over everything, pulling it to the direction of the floor. Grab all toys and random objects that don’t belong in the living room and place them in a laundry basket. Shove the basket in a nearby closet for now. Next, the dust should be settled on to the floor, so vacuum it up before it tries to find a new home.

Now grab your container of wipes and give a swipe to anything with fingerprints. Use the magic eraser on anything that resists the wipe. Inspect counter surfaces for debris and give them a swipe too. Run in the bathroom, swipe the sink and toilet seat (sink first!). Close the shower curtain – no time for dealing with the tub right now. Straighten towels, check the toilet paper and you’re done!

Make a note to schedule another cleaning

Depending on your level of panic with this experience, even if you have maid visits planned (and if you don’t, you should!), every once in a while, upgrading to a deep clean is in order. Book your visit in less than two minutes.

Now for the big deal!

We still have our Back to School promotion underway, because you and your friends alike are struggling with the new back to school schedules for your kiddos. Maybe you are sympathetic and secretly grateful that you are outside of that parenting window and want to take advantage of this deal. We won’t judge – we want everyone to enjoy this referral deal. Make someone your best friend by partnering up with them. Your referral will earn you half-off your next visit if they mention you when they book their first appointment at half-off, too.