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So you’ve picked a new house cleaning service, and now you want to know what it is that they’ll be doing. Maybe you’re expecting someone to come in and magically get rid of every single speck of dust that you’ve missed for the past six months. Or maybe you’re worried about your home being too messy and actually plan to tidy up before the cleaners arrive.

Here are three basic expectations that you should be aware of for any local cleaning service!

Regular Cleanings

If you’ve been thinking, “Hey, I’ll hire someone every once in a blue moon just to make sure things don’t get too out of hand,” think again. It’s nearly impossible to perfectly fulfil someone’s needs on the first go around. The best way to make sure that your cleaners are understanding and adapting to your needs is to schedule regular cleanings. Biweekly, weekly or even monthly services are best for you to build a relationship, and for your cleaner to customize their process to your preferences.


We really can’t overstate the importance of this one. Imagine that you’ve hired a cleaner, and they work through a list of things to do (kind of like this 40 point checklist that we use). However, if you were expecting them to do 41 things, but didn’t communicate what that last item was, you would be unhappy with your service. It never hurts to ask your maid in advance for something specific or let him or her know that you’d like them to do something out of their routine. This way expectations will be properly managed on both ends.


This is a two-way street. Any cleaning company that you hire needs to respect your property, your wishes and your time. In return, you should show them basic respect as well. For instance, don’t leave two weeks worth of dishes out each time and expect them to be cleaned without paying an extra charge. If you have a special project such as deep cleaning your fridge or stove, this needs to be discussed and compensation agreed upon ahead of time. Would you like to walk into an extra hours worth of work (or more) unexpectedly? Well, neither does your maid service.

Finally, a great way to manage your own expectations is to visit the company’s site. This should be full of helpful information on everything from their standard cleaning procedure to payment to insurance – bonus points if an FAQ section is provided!

If you still have questions, call or email your cleaners ahead of your scheduled appointment time, and they should be happy to answer anything you might ask (if not, find a different cleaner!)